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All About Wind

Although wind has been harnessed for centuries, it has only recently emerged as a modern energy solution. Prior to the 21st century, wind power was often used to pump water from wells and to grind grain. Over the last twenty years, technology advances have reduced the cost of wind energy by more than 80 percent, making wind the most affordable form of renewable energy.

In 2008, NCE emerged as a world leader in small wind energy based on the design of our turbines, particularly regarding energy production, noise, vibration, reliability, and aesthetics. This renown led to a product partnership with General Electric and commercial partnerships with numerous of the world's leading distributed energy companies. You can also read more about our high-profile

hat is Small/Distributed Wind?

Small Wind, also called distributed wind, refers to an individual home, business, or site that produces its own energy, therefore taking a percentage of its energy usage off of the utility grid.

In the world of small wind the characteristics of the wind itself vary greatly, particularly with regard to wind speed and direction. Wind is more consistent higher off the ground, which explains the thirty-story height of the horizontal turbines seen on large wind farms. Still with advances in siting tools and in wind turbine design, we are able to capture the less-optimal wind found closer to ground level.

Why vertical axis wind turbines?

Wind turbines are designed to produce energy across a wide range of wind speeds. Vertical axis wind turbines go one step further, harnessing winds from any direction simulatenously. NCE wind turbines are also very quiet, and it certainly helps that our turbines are pleasing to the eye. NCE has grown to be the world's leading manufacturer of wind turbines through its dedication to design, energy output, wide ranging solutions, and superlative customer service via our worldwide network of local partners.

Why wind? What about solar?

Wind energy is a very affordable form of renewable energy. According to the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) wind power costs just 40% as much as solar. Incentives for clean energy production - at your home or business - make wind power even more affordable, including a 30% federal tax credit in the US and additional local incentives at the state level. Your NCE distributor will help you understand all of the available tax credits and incentives in your area, no matter where in the world you live.

Wind energy is also known to be a very compact form of renewable energy. The NCE-4K wind turbine has a maximum shadow of 80 square feet. A similar amount of solar panel output could take up to 800 square feet! Wind is also present day and night - and not affected negatively by winter like solar is - making wind power a more consistent form of energy.

And yet, one of the great things about wind energy is that it very well complements solar. Hybrid solutions incorporate both wind and solar technologies. The benefit of a hybrid solution is that wind and sunlight are often present at different times of the day.

UGE wind turbines are an excellent choice for both urban and rural customers, commercial developers and residential homeowners. Visit our Products to learn more!

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