About Us

       Ever since our inception our sole motto has been and will remain to provide environmental friendly uninterruptable power supply Systems that can provide security and peace of mind and can be relied upon at any point of time. We at NCE ensure your significant investment on our systems get you increased ROI in the longer run with unshakable power shield. When you opt for NCE power systems you are rest assured that you no longer have to worry about continued repair work or even replacement during the working. Your organization will be considerably saving on the costing & repeated overheads.

The greatest advantage of NCE's services can be briefly summarized as

1. NCE's Power Systems are designed to meet the IEC standards
2. NCE can supply and install UPS and Inverter systems at your premises
3. NCE can supply additional battery requirements as per your power needs
4. NCE UPS systems use quality equipment from the world's leading brands
5. NCE can provide battery monitoring systems
6. NCE post sales service can effectively address your emergency repairs to quickly restore your power network
7. NCE can supply energy systems and extend after sales support 24/7/365
8. NCE can suggest the most effective, and affordable solutions for your power requirements
9. NCE's AMC is the most economically competitive in the industry today
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