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More secure. How?

We have designed a modular NO SIGNAL POINT OF FAILURE system that ensures absolute availability thanks to the full redundancy of all components.

We have also introduced multiprocessor architecture, to ensure greater power, reliability and calculation speed.

A powerful DSP Processor controls the power boards, a second processor is dedicated to control of the operation logic, while the third oversees the communication processes (advanced graphics display, remote display, LAN).

The fact that these components are independent guarantees continuous monitoring of operation of the UPS system. Technology to protect your business.

More economical, How?

The fully sinusoidal absorption guaranteed by the IGBT rectifier reduces the rate of harmonic distortion in respect of the mains to a value <3% during UPS -Powered Operation.

And now, even when operating off the stand-by mains power, the harmonic reduction can be achieved with the innovative ALWAYS- ON MODE

Both modes grant a significant reduction in energy costs on all models in the range, up to 90 kva.

Saving is the first step towards earning.

More versatile. How?

The versatility of the MASTERYS range is undoubtedly one of its key features, with a completed range rated from 8 to 90 kVA.

The right solution can be found in the wide choice of configurations that are compatible with all neutral arrangements (IT,TT,TN),With single-phase and three-phase input/output, for distributed, centralised, modular, scalable and redundant power supplies.

A superior solution whatever the requirement.

More intelligent. How?

What could be better than a system capable of communicating with you?

Another first....we have MASTERYS with an integrated LAN connection that facilitates and improves use of the UPS, enhancing interaction with users and extending the amount of information transmitted.

MASTERYS can also send diagnostic reports and alarms autonomously via SMS and e-mail, guaranteeing in real time the high standard of service that has always been typical of NCE Technologies UPS

Designed to express itself better

Do you needs change over time?

MODULYS adapts easily to changes and to the growth of your system.NCE TECHNOLOGY UPS is the only company able to offer you power modules(Mod-Power) of 2,3,5 and 6 kVA, offering a complete family of products which, in the tower , Rack, and Mod-System versions are easily combined to ensure the ideal configuration for your present and future power supply requirements.

Does the protection have to be total?

MODULYS is a modular UPS: the number of Mod-Battery units can easily be increased to provide redundant operation, from N+1 to N+x. In this way ,total availability of the system is achieved(high availability), even if one or more modules are inoperative.

Does the protection have to be continuous?

NCE TECHNOLOGY UPS has thought of this too . In fact the Mod-Power and Mod Battery allows you to increase the number of Mod-Power and Mod-Battery units, thus increasing your uninterruptible power system's power and back up .in this way you can easily cope with future situations which you are able to predict today.

It Is difficult to foresee your future needs?

The modular configuration of MODULYS allows you to increase the number of Mod Power and Mod-Battery units , thus increasing your uninterruptible power system's power and backup. In this way you can easily cope with you are not able to predict it..

Is space a scarce resource?

This is why MODULYS is the most compact UPS in its categories. It really requires very space to install it, whether in the stand _ alone versions or in the numerous Mod-System configuration.

No single point of failure solutions?

Each individual Mad-Power has its own integrated controller and automatic by pass . in the Mod-System, this design is an additional guarantee since the load will be powered even if one of the Mad Power is not working..

Full digital control technology?

MODULYS is completely controlled by digital circuits . the use of digital circuits allows for greater precision and ensures stability overtime of the parameters of the Whole system.

Top level communication solutions

A full set of communication solution makes the MODULYS range the most open UPS to communicate. It comes with RS232 serial interface as standard . it also offers a wide range of additional solutions to adapt a each customer environment: "Dry contact" really board, NET VISION SNMP/web adaptor and Advanced communication card, allowing for environmental control function and a second RS232/485 serial interface..

ON line double conversion technology

The most effective technology for protecting data from mains outage as well as other types of electrical failures . its VFI (Voltage Frequency independent) feature , means that the inverter which generates the output voltage permanently supplies the load. Continuously and stability of both the voltage and frequency is thus ensured , irrespective of the mains input.

Energy management solutions

Power share plug :This is a standard socket dedicated to non critical loads. it's able to disconnect its load when a preset condition (relative to remaining back up) occurs, to save battery back up time for critical loads.
Eco mode: This operating mode has been designed to power non-critical loads , in order to reduce power consumption on the ups.
Remote shut down: To shut down the UPS from a remote station with NET VISION.
Frequency converter: The frequency converter allows for a 50 HZ input and a 60 HZ output , or vice versa
Neutral arrangement: MODULYS is also compatible with IT ear thing arrangement

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