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Ever Innovative :

NCE Technologies UPS has always been the first when it comes to innovation. First to introduce IGBT in our UPS and to use it up to 800 kva. First to use DSP Processors. First to come up with modular parallel systems and the concept of migration from stand alone to system. And now first again with absolute innovations in MASTERYS: ENERGY SAVER, ALWAYS-ON MODE,GSS,EBS, integrated LAN connection. We are these solutions will be copied tomorrow as already happened yesterday with IGBT and DSP.
Why wait? MASTERYS is here today!


ENERGY SAVER is now available in all configurations with more than two units in parallel.

In this mode only the UPS units needed to power the load at a given time are in operation.

Redundancy of operation is nevertheless ensured, by increasing the output level of the entire system. If the load's absorption demand increases, the units needed for the greater supply cut in with zero response time.

The logic responds fully to all applications with frequent breaks in load absorption continuity, maintaining in any case a high output for the entire system.


With the EBS System ,using any type of battery in any condition is no longer just a dream.

Our latest UPS have been designed to operate with the type of battery that is most convenient for you (value regulated or vented lead acid batteries-VRLA, Open Vented, Nickel-cadmium).

The EBS interacts directly and autonomously with the batteries to analyse the conditions of use and environmental conditions (such as temperature) and to establish each time the most appropriate recharging method (floating or intermittent). Optimal battery management is thus assured, corrosion phenomena reduced and lifetime is longer (up to 50%).

Furthermore, EBS allows battery parameters and measurements monitoring on the front graphic display and via the LAN connection.


The customary attention paid by NCE Technologies UPS to actual market needs has led to the global supply systems: a tested and certified solution that guarantees perfect compatibility between UPS and Generator.

This solution, made possible by the IGBT rectifier, eliminates costly overrating of installations and, with the proprietary firmware allows integrated management of the UPS and the Generator. These Provide a Single system that is easy for users to manage and monitor.


This innovative operating mode ,specifically designed for this range, represents a significant evolution in the application possibilities of uninterruptible power supplies.

In the always -on mode of operation, the load is powered by the stand-by mains but the harmonic rejections that are usually caused by distorting loads are monitored and corrected by the UPS. The inverter automatically guarantees the input sine wave, ensuring the quality of the mains and thus contributing to savings in the company's energy costs.

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