Solar LED Lights

Indoor LED Lights

       NCE offers energy efficient and long-life LED bulbs and lights that run effectively with solar. We reduce the power losses and increase the efficiency of the solution by delivering a complete Direct Current (or DC) system - no need to convert this to 220 V AC that is. These indoor LED lights can be used for hotels, homes, even railway stations or police stations.

Outdoor LED Lights

       The Energy saving solar street lighting system is a self-sufficient, independent lighting system that eliminates the need to construct buried electrical supply trunks that are typical in conventional street lighting systems. It provides night illumination and security for places too costly to set up cabled lightings.

A solar street light system consists of solar photovoltaic modules, LED Street lamp, light controller, a lamp post and an weatherproof equipment cabinet. Our solar street light is capable of providing 10 to 14 hours of illumination per night.


Estimated Life 50,000 hrs 1000 hrs 8000 hrs
Warranty 3 Years Nill Limited 6 Month
Wattage @ 220VAC. 3W 4W 5W 40W 60W 100W 11W 15W 20W
Avg. luminous Flux(Lumen)Radience 450 750 1280 415   710 1340 550   750 1140
Units(Kilo-watt hour) Consumption per month Assuming 4 hrs per day 0.36 units 1.08 units 2.16 units 4.8 units 7.2 units 12 units 1.32 units 1.8 units 204 units
Electricity Bill per month at 4/- per Unit


Advantages of cost effective LED lighting for streets, crossings, parking areas, gardens and public areas in comparison with conventional sodium lamps:

  1. Completely autonomous from external power supplies.
  2. Automatic On/Off function controlled by integral daylight light sensor.
  3. Cool white light without flickering.
  4. Over 10 year LED lamp life.
  5. Long life PV modules offer reduced weight and space.
  6. Requires only one battery.
  7. LED lamps retain luminosity for their full life span.
  8. LED lamps are non toxic.
  9. Low installation costs without trenches and cables.
  10. All components are light-weight.
  11. Zero power supply cost.
  12. Exceptional return on investment.
  13. Substantial reductions in CO2 emissions, LED offers up to eight times more brightness than incandescent lamps without   harmful emissions to the environment.

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