Our Products Range Include

1. Online UPS
2. Offline UPS
3. Line Interactive UPS
4. DeskTop UPS
5. Domestic Inverters
6. Industrial Inverters
7. Elevator Backup
8. UPS and Battery Spare Parts and Equipments
9. UPS and Inverter Servicing and Parts Supply at Highly Competitive Costing
10. AMC for UPS and Inverter Maintenance

The NCE UPS and Inverter Batteries which are essential and integral parts of NCE power systems provide the ideal backup & environment friendliness for both large work places and home based offices. Energy is of supreme concern in the present era. The energy saving issues becomes regulated with the use of NCE backup systems.

The NCE braded UPS systems work closer to the load capacity when compared to the traditional systems. A traditional system works to just 50% loading while NCE's modular systems have the scalability to work at 90% or higher. This substantially reduces your cooling requirements. The amount of saving you make on running costs, emissions and floor space when you depend on NCE for all your power solutions will definitely be worth in the long run.

The batteries fitted into the NCE UPS and Inverters are integral to the power backup systems. The batteries can take up the critical load and protect the systems and equipments in a situation such as a power cut or failure. NCE batteries have relatively longer life span, you don't have to worry about too much of maintenance as the powerful batteries ensure that everything is in working order and that your UPS systems will work correctly if a power failure occurs.
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