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Features :

The UPS, available in 1KVA , 2KVA and 3KVA, is an advanced on-line UPS Providing reliable and Consistent sine-wave quality Power to Vital equipment. It Supports Personal Computers , networks ,servers, telecommunication equipment and a Variety of other facilities. With its Outstanding protection features, the unit Keeps your applications safe and running smoothly at all times.

PFC (Power Factor Correction)

With this function, the investment in the capacity of circuit breakers can be reduced, specially it will be highly regarded as an important feature in critical load applications.

Complete Protection

On-line double conversion design, pure sine wave output and zero transfer time provide best protection. With a built-in surge , spike and line noise protection, the UPS prevents destructive hardware damage and extends system life. The EMI/RFI filtering design Prevents electrical noise from affecting computer operation and data files. Besides, the UPS Provides built-in Fax/Network Cable (RJ11/RJ45) Jacks Protecting your hardware from surge, spikes and line-noise that travel along communication lines, therefore providing you a complete "back door " protection.

Intelligent design

Integrated with a microprocessor, the UPS is able to perform intelligent functions. The UPS triggers over-Voltage protection function and transfers to [On-Battery mode] even when utility voltage exceeds 280V for 220V Series. In addition , the UPS can accept large voltage Variation of 80V to 280V. Wide Input Voltage range means less battery power usage frequency and longer battery life-span. Besides, programmable outlet design, suitable to power management, is also included in this unit.

Green function design

The UPS comes with an intelligent fan design, which can have variable fan speed depending on load status, thereby saving the use of power and reducing audible noise. Besides, the operation is sleeping mode is designed to just keep charging which saves the energy a lot.

User friendly interface

The UPS Provides a variety of function which meet user's needs. Users can instantly understand the status of the UPS via the informative LED display. Audible alarms, bar meters and status indicators, such as battery replace indication, UPS fault, line condition, overload etc. Are simple and easy for user to understand. Moreover, users can simply reset the circuit breaker instead of having to replace a fuse in the event of output overload.

Network Management

Build-in communication interface port supporting RS232 protocols enhances the reliability and manageability of the UPS over all major operating systems, including windows 95/98, windows NT, Netware, Unix, and others.

Annotation and symbol

The two signs shown on the manual indicating important instruction need to be followed.

1. PROTECTIVE GROUNDING TERMINAL : A terminal which must be connected to earth ground prior to making any other connection to the equipment.
2. This symbol indicates the word "phase"
3. This symbol indicates the principal on/off switch is in the "ON" position.
4. This symbol indicates the principal on/off switch is in the "STANDBY" position.
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