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Power Configurations

Wind turbines are available in two electrical configurations: Depending on your preference, you can purchase turbines in a battery back-up configuration or a grid-tie configuration. Each of these options is described below.

Although these are the two main options, our engineers are able to provide custom configurations as well. If you have a specific need, our engineers can provide you with a custom solution. If this is the case, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.


All of our wind turbines are available in battery back-up configuration. With battery back-up, the wind turbine produces energy from its generator that passes through a "charge controller" device which converts the electricity into a voltage meant for charging batteries. This electricity is stored in the batteries where it can be used for nearly any application with the addition of an "inverter/charger".

The main benefit of a battery back-up system is its versatility. Another popular benefit is that you will have power even if your electricity goes out. If you have a battery back-up solar power system, you can combine them into a hybrid system. An electrician can wire this system into your home or business so that select appliances like lights, computer servers, and security systems will be powered even when the grid is down.

Furthermore, in the rare instance of prolonged periods of low wind, NCE systems are designed so the grid will automatically back-up the battery, leaving your batteries charged. No matter what, when your neighbors' power is out, your power is still on!

The one downside of using a battery back-up system is that it requires that additional component to a grid-tie system, the batteries themselves. They take up a little bit more room and increase the cost of your system.


The other main option to consider is a grid-tie configuration. Currently, our eddy GT and NCE-4K models are both available in a grid-tie configuration. In a grid-tie system, your wind turbine works with the grid to make sure that your home or business always has enough electricity. When your wind system produces more than you need, you automatically sell the excess electricity back to the grid!

Utility companies in most western countries allow you to sell your excess energy though you should check with your local representative to confirm.

Although the grid-tie systems will allow you to forgo batteries, if the grid fails the turbine must shut down as well. In other words, when your neighbor's lights are out, yours are too.


Now that you understand the basics, let's review the trade-offs: A battery back-up configuration turns your wind turbine into a generator as well as a means of renewable energy production, so you have battery power no matter what.

A grid tie configuration allows you to sell any unused power back to your utility company (in most places) but you are still subject to power outages.

Both configurations allow you to produce power and use the grid as back-up while you reap the long-term benefits of producing your own renewable energy free-of-charge.

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