Ideal for all types of commercial establishments, NCE's Hi-Tech Series - Sine Wave UPS - is a complete power generation system that runs all your expensive and sensitive office/ Hospitals / industrial equipments in the most cost effective manner. 100 % Pure, Reliable and Regulated Power NCE Hi-Tech UPS produces Pure Sine Wave- Clean Power.
Solar panels convert visible sunlight to renewable electrical energy. Solar panels are sometimes also referred to as photovoltaic modules (PV) or solar modules. NCE has a vested interest in the factory we produce our solar panels hereby providing you with the quality Juta solar panel.
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NCE Sine Wave UPS-Hi-Tech Series, available as standard as well as customized solutions from 5 KVA to 100 KVA, are ideal for all types of commercial establishments like Offices, Showrooms, Shopping Malls, Hospitals, Hotels, Schools, Labs, Petrol Pumps, Banks, Telecom Towers, ATMs and BPOs, Air Conditioners to Lifts and Elevators.