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The latest Technology for Heavy Duty Usage Ideal for all types of commercial establishments, NCE's Hi-Tech Series - Sine Wave UPS - is a complete power generation system that runs all your expensive and sensitive office/ Hospitals / industrial equipments in the most cost effective manner. 100 % Pure, Reliable and Regulated Power NCE Hi-Tech UPS produces Pure Sine Wave- Clean Power. Digital Signal Processing , the world most advanced technology (meant for high-speed data processing), in conjunction with Sine Wave Technology delivers output which is completely stable and distortion free . This power is actually purer than power supplied from the grid. This makes it absolutely safe to run even the most sensitive equipment.

Absolutely Safe For Sensitive Equipment

Today, offices, Hospitals, Institutions and other commercial establishments use some of the most expensive and sophisticated electronic equipment. These new generations equipment has advanced circuitry which needs 100% pure power, free of spikes and surges. The importance of pure power is very apparent to anyone who has faced malfunctioning of sophisticated electronic equipment. Some examples of when equipment needs pure sine wave power are

1. Performance of power tools that employ solid state circuitry to operate variable speed control
2. Devices that use a microprocessor to control motor speed or control voltage output to power the device.
3. Medical devices and equipment needed for critical operations.
4. Laboratory apparatus where preciseness is of utmost importance.
5. Fluorescent and ballast operated lighting.
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